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The FASE II is a compact fusion splicer which produces low loss splices with both singlemode and multimode fibre. This fixed alignment splicer uses a unique axial reciprocation technique to minimise the splice losses (typically 0.05 dB for singlemode or multimode fibre). The rugged and ergonomic design ensures that the FASE II is easy to use in every installation environment. On the FASE IIc, the x75 microscope is adapted to accept a camera for viewing the fibre image on a monitor.

FASE II is a compact fixed-alignment splicer. It is designed to produce low loss splices with both singlemode and multimode fibre. When quality of splice and speed of installation are important FASE II is the cost-effective solution.

A precision-engineered ceramic V-block guides the fibres into alignment. The operator need only place fibres in the self-centering clamps, look through the high power microscope, adjust the gap between the fibres using thumbwheels and press the arc button.

As the arc is fired the fibres are driven together using a piezoelectric translator. The surface tension of the molten fibres pulls them into alignment.

FASE II achieves low loss splices by using a unique fusion technique - Axial Reciprocation*. Developed during years of research this technique increases the surface tension effect by vibrating one of the fibres as they are brought together.

FASE II is microprocessor controlled and has a range of programs suiting most fibre types - both singlemode and multimode. This is complemented by an operator programmable facility allowing the user precise control over all the splice parameters.

Ergonomic design ensures that FASE II is quick and easy to use, enabling you to efficiently complete your installation tasks.

FASE II incorporates power-efficient electronics and an auto-power-down feature to provide over one hundred splices from its internal lead acid battery. A low-battery indication tells you when to plug in the supplied charger.

FASE II is housed in a robust aluminium case and has been designed to withstand harsh field use. It is small enough to be operated in the confined spaces found in premise installations. The microscope folds away without being detached so that the unit maintains a low profile when not in use.

FASE II has been designed to ensure safe operation. The high voltage arc has a dual software and hardware interlock so it cannot be fired accidentally. The X75 magnification microscope provides a clear view of the fibres and is designed to protect the user from both ultraviolet and infrared light.

The design of the splicer has been simplified to give excellent reliabilty - FASE II comes with a one and optional three year parts and labour guarantee.

The only maintenance required is the occasional replacement of the electrodes. The preset electrode blocks are quickly fitted and ensure an accurate gap. The software keeps track of the number of splices performed so the user can monitor usage. Tools are provided for cleaning the V-block and the electrodes.

The FASEKIT(LCD) is modified to accept a camera kit providing a clear image of the fibres on a 3.8" LCD monitor.

For splicing in difficult access situations, TRITEC provide a mounting kit, including a lightweight, robust tripod, bench clamp, mounting plate and fibre handler. Both the HSO II and the FASE II can be secured on the mounting plate. The fibre handler firmly holds the fibres and transports the finished splice to the heatshrink oven.
* Patent applied for.

178 x 127 x 125 mm
2.5 kg
Operating temperature:
-10°C to 40°C
Storage temperature:
-40°C to 70°C
Fibre types:
Multimode and Singlemode
Average loss (singlemode):
Typical 0.05 dB (max 0.10 dB)
Average loss (multimode):
Typical 0.05 dB (max 0.10 dB)
Fibre Alignment:
Fixed V-groove
Fibre Viewing:
X75 magnification single view microscope
Fibre Translation (coarse):
5 mm on both fibres (via thumbwheels)
Fibre Translation (fine):
60 µm on one fibre only (via piezo)
Dual software/hardware arc interlock on microscope
16 character by 2 line supertwist LCD
Splicing programs:
10 preset plus 10 custom
Arc current range:
3.5 - 22.0 mA (0.1mA resolution)
Arc time range:
0.0 - 9.9 s (0.1 s resolution)
Overtravel range:
0 - 30 µm (1 µm resolution)
Reciprocating Amplitude:
0 - 30 µm (1 µm resolution)
0 - 30 µm (1 µm resolution)
Power Supply
Internal supply:
12V sealed lead-acid battery
Splices per charge:
>100 during 8 hours operation
Power management:
Auto-power-off and battery low indication
External supply:
18V DC @ 150 mA (a universal mains charger is supplied 90 - 264V 47 - 63 Hz)
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687

E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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