RS-232 Async Fiber Optic Modem


(Model TC1000)
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  • Async Data Rates up to 19.2Kbps
  • DTE/DCE Switchable
  • "Active" Diagnostic LED
  • Can Be Signal Powered
  • Multimode or Single Mode
  • Sturdy Compact Metal Case
Data Sheets: 2 pages (147 Kb)


Typical applications include linking remote terminals or printers to host computers, tail circuits to existing multiplexers and extending data communications links. Fiber optic modems are also ideal for connecting data communications devices in harsh manufacturing or outdoor environments where EMI or RFI interference, ground loops and lightning are prevalent.



Pocket Rocket modems are designed for local and campus networks up to distances of approximately 5 km multimode and 30 km single mode. Distances can vary depending on the size and type of fiber optic cable, number of connections and type of fiber optic connectivity device(s) used in a given network.

The TC1000 is low in price and high in reliability. It is plug compatible with RS-232 interfaces and will transmit asynchronous data at speeds up to 19.2 Kbps. It supports both single mode (1300/1550nm) and multimode (850/1300nm) formats. Fiber optic connectors are ST or FC. 

Electrical connectors are DB25 female. It is DCE/DTE switchable. For most applications, the TC1000 derives power though any of the standard EIA control signals (pins 4, 8, 20) or positive voltage line (pin 9). An external power supply (115/230VAC) may be required  when signal power is not adequate to drive the TC1000.


Technical Specifications    

Data Rates
Async. up to 19.2 Kbps
Transmitter LED, ELED
Receiver PIN Diode
Wavelength 850nm, 1300nm Multimode
1300nm, 1550nm Single Mode
Fiber Optic Connectors ST or FC
Loss Budget*
(850nm, 1300nm,
Multimode (62.5/125m): 12dB
Single Mode (9/125m): 12dB
Interface (DTE/DCE switchable) RS-232
Connector DB25 Female
Bit Error Rate 1 in 109 or better

* Contact factory for higher requirements
Visual Indicators
System Status LED "ACTIVE" (Sync)
Standard 12VDC @ 15mA
Alt. Power (form signal source)
DB25 Pins 4,5,8,9, or 20
Optional 115/230VAC
(with external power cube)
Operating -10 to 50C
Hi-Temp (optional) -20 to 70C
Storage -40 to 90C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Height (2.03 cm) 0.8"
Width (10.41 cm) 4.1"
Depth (4.39 cm) 1.7"
Weight (137 gm) 7 oz.
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687


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