Fiber Optic Supplies


Metrotek carries a complete line of Fiber Optic supplies. The list that follows is a listing of the many fiber optic supply items we carry. If you would like a copy of our most recent Catalog please fill out our catalog FORM request. The catalog will have pricing and technical information on the Fiber Optic items we carry. As new products are added to our fiber optic line they will appear on this page first. Check back often. If you do not find the fiber optic item you need on this page send us an e-mail and let us know your particular needs and our our application engineers will help you locate the right item for your job. If you do find what you need e-mail us and we will quote price, terms and delivery information immediately.

  • Supplies
    • Index Matching Gel - Reduces back reflections and insertion loss.
    • Fluid Dispenser - Spill proof liquid pump dispenser.
    • Polishing Films - Various grit sizes from 12µm down to .03µm
    • Epoxies - 2.5 Gram Bi-Pack epoxies 50-60 connectors
    • Syringe - Ideal for applying epoxy to small parts such as connector ferrules

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