Rainbow Bar


Rainbow Bar


      4"& 5" Wide Trays

      Clear polycarbonate cover

      Crimp tabs and tie down holes for securing incoming fibers

      24-Fiber high-density versions

      Variety of splice holders

      Craft-friendly design

      Designed for singlemode and multimode fiber



FMS splice trays represent an industry standard for more than fifteen years.  Designed to provide complete protection for delicate stripped fibers and splices for all types of fiber cable designs.  All trays feature a clear polycarbonate cover to allow for the immediate and unhindered viewing of tray contents.  This allows users and technicians to identify fibers in question without disturbing others.  Crimp tabs and tie-down holes make it easy to secure all types of fiber and fiber cable sub-units.

For installation into enclosures, FMS trays feature both central and offset mounting holes.  Mounting holes are protected by a dual-purpose spacer block.  The block creates a protected path for a mounting screw or rod to pass through, protecting fiber from damage during installation and removal.  The block also acts as a spacer, preventing installers from crushing fibers within the tray.  



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