Rainbow Bar


Rainbow Bar


·          6 & 12 Fiber Designs

·          Ribbon Sleeve Holder

·          Micro & Mini Sleeve holders

·          Mechanical Splice holders

·          Adhesive backed for ease of assembly

·          Foam and solid plastic designs

·          Sold separately for use in packaging of passive optical devices  


FMS splice trays are offered with the industry’s widest variety of splice holders.  Commonly called splice chips or holders these devices are designed to accommodate the entire range of FMS fusion splice sleeves as well as fusion and mechanical devices from other manufacturers. 

The bare fusion holder has been in use for over two decades and represents an alternative to using fusion splice protection sleeves. The precision molded chip has slots to handle up to 12 coated fibers of either 250 or 900 microns.  Spliced fibers are held in place with RTV silicone.

The latest additions to the FMS line of holders are the molded foam holders for Mini, Micro  and Ribbon splice sleeves.  These designs provide maximum protection for shock and vibration in compact easy to use packages.   



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