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For Non-Telecommunications Wavelengths

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Metroteks Singlemode Optical Fibers are designed for those situations in which you need singlemode operation at wavelengths other than 1300 nm or 1550nm.


SM450 SM600 SM750 SM800 SM1000
Design Wavelength1 488 nm,
514 nm
633 nm 780 nm 830 nm 1064 nm
Cut-off Wavelength <488 nm <600 nm <750 nm <800 nm < 1000 nm
Numerical Aperture 0.12 + 17%
Attenuation2 <100 dB/km <12 dB/km <5 dB/km <5 dB/km <3 dB/km
Proof Test 0.5% strain (50 kpsi stress)
Outside Diameter 3 (fiber) 125 µm +/- 1% (RMS)
Core Cladding Concentricity < 1.0 µm
Outside Diameter (Coating) 245 µm + 5%

1. The Design Wavelength is the wavelength (or wavelengths) at the which the fiber is typically used. In practice, the fiber will transmit a TEM00 mode at any wavelength within an operating window extending approximately 150 nm from the cut-off wavelength.
2. Attenuation is quoted for the shortest Design wavelength.
3. Localised, peak-to-peak variations of up to 3% may be experienced.

Ordering Information: Singlemode fiber

To order any of the Metrotek Singlemode fiber for non-telecommunications wavelengths, simply specify the product code and length you need for your application.
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
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E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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