Rainbow Bar

S199S Fixed V-Groove
Fusion Splicer

Rainbow Bar
                                    KEY FEATURES
  • Compact, lightweight design with intergrated battery pack, perfect for restoration splicing and aerial plants.
  • Tried and true fixed V-grove alignment for maximum consistency and economical splicing.
  • 25 second splice time with simultaneous X and Y views.
  • 120x magnification.
  • Optimized splice programs for all major fiber types, including True Wave, and Leaf.
  • Windproof to 30 mph.
  • Power sources are easily managed due to interchangeable AC/DC converter and 12V battery pack.
  • Batter pack provides 45 splices with protection.
  • Large 5" color screen.
The S199S Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer offers the best splicing solution for aerial plants, premises data networking, and emergency restoration work. The small, compact size and internal battery allow for mobility while delivering 25-second splices at an average loss of 0.04dB for single mode fiber. Used in combination with Fitel's S323B Precision Cleaver (10mm cleave length) and stripping tools, the S199S is the perfect solution when it comes to quick and easy single fiber splicing.  
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