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Fusion Splice Re-coating System

Rainbow Bar

The Optotec fusion splice re-coating system is a unique method of providing mechanical protection for a fusion splice AND environmental protection to Multimode or Singlemode bare fibers. This is accomplished by inserting a sleeve (FIBERCOAT SLEEVE) over the bare fiber prior to fusion in the same manner one would use for a standard fusion splice protector. After the splice the sleeve is positioned over the splice junction and a resin compound is pumped into the sleeve. When the resin is cured with a UV light source, the fiber integrity is the same as acrolate coated fiber that has not been spliced. The advantage to this is an environmentally sealed fiber splice that will outperform normal fusion or mechanical splicing methods. The system comes complete with all the tools and accessories required including the Re-Coating Resin in a hard carrying case. The consumable FIBERCOAT Sleeves are purchased separately in packs of 100 pieces and are available in standard lengths and fiber sizes as well as custom.

FIBERCOAT is a registered trademark of Optotec.

Part Number Description
FC-25030 30mm Sleeve for 250/250Ám
FC-25045 45mm Sleeve for 250/250Ám
FC-90030 30mm Sleeve for 250/250Ám
FC-90045 45mm Sleeve for 250/900Ám
DFC-950-200 2oz Re-Coating Resin

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