Polarization Maintaining Fiber

Metrotek's HiBi is a singlemode, polarization-preserving optical fiber designed for high-performance interferometric and polarimetric sensors, integrated optics and coherent communications.

The characteristic 'Bow-Tie' stress-applying parts, or 'SAPs' act like opposing wedges to generate the optimum stress distribution within the fiber. This unique and patented design gives you the very best in both performance and handling - maximum birefringence, with minimum stress-breakout when cleaved, connectorised or polished.

Four application-specific variants:

  • HB: 125/250 mm, single-layer acrylate coated for sensor and telecoms applications between 488 nm and 1550 nm
  • HB-P : 125/155 mm, high-temperature polyimide-coated for embedded applications at 800 nm or 1300 nm
  • HB-G : 80/175 mm, broad-temperature range, dual-coated for Fiber Optic Gyro applications at 800 nm, 1300 nm or 1550 nm
  • HB-T: 125/400 mm, 9 mm (nominal) MFD Fiber for telecommunications applications at 1300 nm and 1550 nm

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