Polarization Controller


Product Summary

This is the in-line version of PolaRITETM. It can be inserted into a fiber optic system to control the polarization state of light without having to disconnect any part of the system. It can be used by simply inserting a length of fiber into the slot located on top of the device. The miniature version can be inserted in even tighter spaces in a fiber optical module.


  • No Loss
  • No backreflection
  • Compact
  • Easy to connect
  • Low cost
  • Insensitive to wavelength variations
  • Works with fibers of any size (250um or 900um buffers)


  • High speed telecommunication systems
  • WDM systems
  • CATV systems
  • Fiber laser
  • PM fiber systems
  • Antenna remoting systems


Insertion loss

0 dB

Return loss

69 dB

Extinction Ratio

> 40 dB

Operating wavelength

480nm to 1600nm

Fiber size

Any type of single mode fibers (250 µm or 900um diameter)

Operating temperature

-40 0C to 80 0C

Storage temperature

-40 0C to 80 0C

Dimension (W x H x L )

1" x 1.085" x 3" (lab version)
0.5" x 0.84" x 3"  (miniature version)

Part Number

PLC  -  00X1  -  X2  -  X3
X1 is Size  3 = Lab Version
6 = Miniature Version1
X2 is Latch Type S = Screw
M = Magnet
X3 is Fiber Diameter  25 = 250um
90 = 900um 
Example: To order a miniature controller with screw type latch for 250um fiber the part number is PLC-006-S-25 
Miniature Version available only with 250um fiber.1
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