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Intrinsically Photosensitive for Grating Fabrication

Fiber grating technology has enabled a whole host of optical components to be constructed within the fiber itself - with the resulting wavelength division multiplexers, narrow-band, high-reflectivity mirrors, wavelength-selective filters etc. solving problems and enhancing performance across a broad range of advanced telecommunications and sensor systems. Metroteks PS1250 and PS1550 have been developed to simplify the task of grating fabrication.

In the past, fiber have been 'photosensitised' either by increasing their germania content or by hydrogenation - neither technique is ideal. The small cores of high-germania fibers make them incompatible with standard communications fibers and the process of hydrogenation not only adds complexity and cost but also tends to produce high loss gratings after irradiation. Metroteks are different. Their boron-doped cores are intrinsically photosensitive - allowing gratings to be written without hydrogenation.


PS1250 PS1500
Design Wavelength 1300 nm 1550 nm
Cut-off Wavelength 1100 nm - 1300 nm 1250 nm - 1500 nm
Numerical Aperture 0.11 - 0.13
Outside Diameter (fiber) 125 µm + 1%
Outside Diameter (Coating) 245 µm + 5%
Proof-Test 0.5% strain (50 kpsi)

Typical Performance1

Induced Index Change 0.002
Grating Length 15 mm
Irradiation Wavelength / Source 248 nm, Excimer
Pulse Power Density 0.5 Jcm -2
Pulse Frequency 20 Hz
Irradiation Duration 10 minutes

1. These figures are provided for guidance only and do not form part of the fiber specification.

Ordering Information: Photosensitive Fiber

To order PS1250 or PS1500, simply specify the product code and length you need for your application.
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E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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