Acterna OVF-1
"Pen size" Visible Fault Locator

Visible Fault Locator OV-1

The OVF-1 is speciall designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in an optical network during and after installation. Fiber breaks, microbends and poor optical splices are clearly visible as light glows through the fiber buffer or outer jacket. Fault location behind optical connectors where the use of OTDR's is limited due to dead zones is now possible with the OVF-1.

The blink modes improves visability for use in bright ambient light. The highly efficient laser diode operates at a short wavelength of 635nm to ensure that the emitted light is clearly visible to the human eye. Fiber tracing is possible over more than 5km for single-mode fibers. With the new universal push-pull (UPP) adapter, matching all standard 2.5mm optical connector types is possible. The connector is held without additional mechanical fixing.

  • Rugged Metal housing
    pen size format
  • Lightweight
  • Universal Push-Pull Adapter
  • Visible laser light at 635nm
  • Usable with both SM & MM fibers
  • Range >5 km
  • CW and blink modes
  • Long battery life (>40 hours)
Power output  approx. -5dbm (SMF-28 FIBER) 
Wavelength  approx. 635nm 
Optical connector  universal 2.5mm push-pull adapter 
Blink mode  2 to 3 Hz 
Power  2 AAA batteries 
Temperature  operating range -10°C to +45°C 
storage range -40°C to +70°C
Dimensions  170 x13 mm 
Weight  50 grams 
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687


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