Fiber Optic Oscilloscope Probe

TIA500, 950 and 1200 o/e converters   


Available in a package taking advantageof the connector pins on many LeCroy Oscilloscopes


400 nm to 1700 nm wavelengths

Battery Operation(AC Optional) Bandwidthto 8 GHz


Typical Responses forSi and InGaAs

More detector response information

Model/BW Detector Wavelength Power AC/DC Coupling Max. Conv Gain
TIA-500S/125MHz Silicon 400-1000 nm Battery*/AC Adapter Yes 100,000 V/W
TIA-500I/125MHz InGaAs 900-1700 nm Battery*/AC Adapter Yes 100,000 V/W
TIA-950/750 MHz InGaAs 900-1700 nm Battery*/AC Adapter Yes 12,000 V/W
TIA-1200/8.5 GHz InGaAs 900-1700 nm Battery (100 hrs av) DC 0.7 A/W @ 1300 nm Unamplified
TIA-3000/8.5 GHz InGaAs 900-1700 nm AC Adapter Only NA 450 V/W @ 1550 nm
TIA-4000/7 GHz InGaAs-APD 900-1700 nm AC Adapter Only NA RV = 2,500 V/W

*30 hrs average(no load) 9 V lithium, use of std 9 volt battery will provide approx. 1/3 life of lithium battery.

The TIA line of fiber optic oscilloscope probes(o/e converters) is an idea tool for the laboratory and the field.The 500 and 950 series have BNC outputs for direct connection to your oscilloscope or digitizer. The 1200 uses a type K SMA output connector. Free space o/e converters are available. Patch cords and adapters can be supplied to mate with various fiber optic connectors.

TTI reserves the right to change specifications w/o notice TIA-500 TIA-950 TIA-1200 TIA-3000 TIA-4000
Detector Types Silicon or InGaAs InGaAs InGaAs InGaAs InGaAs
Transimpedance Ranges 1.4 K, 14 K 1.2 K 50 ohm user supplied load VR= 400 V/W RV= 2,500 V/W
Post Amplifier Gain 1.0, 10.0 selectable not amplified NA
Max. Linear input Power >1.2 mW 0.8 mW 2 mW 2.5 mW 1 mW
Max. Input w/o Damage 10 mW 3 mW
Bandwidth (-3 dB) DC to 125 MHz at gain of 1.0
DC to 35 MHz at gain of 10.0
DC to 750 MHz at gain of 1.0
DC to 250 MHz at gain of 10.0
8 GHz(min.)
10 GHz(typical)
100 KHz to 8.5 GHz(min.)
100 KHz to 10 GHz(typical)
30 KHz7 GHz
Output Impedance 50 Ohms ---------------- 50 Ohms
Output Connector Male BNC SMA
Fiber Optic Input Connector ST(SI only) or FC FC
Input Numerical Aperture 0.29 0.23
Interstage Coupling AC or DC Selectable DC NA
Output Offset Voltage ± 1 V at max. gain <± ¾ V at max. gain -------------- NA
Max. Output Voltage 4 V pp no load, 2 V pp 50 ohm 2 V pp no load, 1 V pp 50 ohm 0.1 V 0.65 V into 50 ohm
Noise Level 3 pA/Hz1/2 3 pW/Hz1/2 Dark Current <1.0 nA 15 pW/Hz1/2 16 pW/Hz1/2
Power Required 9 V Lithium Battery or optional power supply

120VAC 60 Hz or 240VAC 50 Hz

Dimensions 1.2in (30.5mm) Wide 2.5in (60.3mm) Long 1.5in (39mm) High
Weight 5 oz., 150 g
Operating Temperture 0° to 40° C -40° to +85° C 0° to 40° C
Limited Warranty 2 yrs from date of receipt

Data Sheets in .PDF format




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