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Mechanical Fiber Optic Splice

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ULTRAsplice is a high performance, low cost, easy to install, fully mechanical Fiber Optic Splice. Employing a visible glass capillary alignment member, that is pre-loaded with index matching gel, the user can inspect the fiber location during installation. The splice is tunable and reusable for most any emergency (or permanent) installation requirement(s).

The ULTRAsplice has been awarded an I.B.M. Code number for both the Singlemode and Multimode versions.

ACA part # US-126 (Singlemode) is IBM part# 33G8228

ACA part # US-128 (Multimode 125µ is IBM part# 33G8227

Overview of the installation procedure:

    Prepare, clean and cleave the fiber ends.

    The CLEAVE LENGTH should be about 7 millimeters.

    Align and butt the cleaved end faces of the fibers in the visible central glass guide. The molded-in springs hold the buffers during installation and/or tuning, without the need for any extra tools or Fixtures.

    To permanently secure the fiber(s), twist the gray locking nut (like a wire nut) to lock the internal Collet onto the buffer. This action is similar to a Pin Vise, or Drill Chuck, as it firmly grips the buffer when the nut is tightened.

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