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MASSsleeve Specifications

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MASSsleeve is a high performance, low cost, easy to install fiberoptic fusion splice protection cover that requires no heat shrink,curing, crimping or gluing.

One fully mechanical fusion splice protector can accept any combination ofbuffer sizes ranging from 2 to 12 FIBER RIBBON CABLE.

TheMASSsleeve is manufactured by utilizing an Acrylic Foam closed cell tapeto seal against chemical and environmental conditions for long termapplications. The plastic housing comprises of two halves that fold along ahinge (similar to a door hinge) and is delivered in an open position, ready forfused fiber(s) to be placed into the sleeve. Once the fibers are in theprotection cover, the sleeve closes and locks, this process prevents the MASSsleevefrom being used again. The locks on the sleeve is what keeps the protectioncover from opening, and compresses the Acrylic Foam to provide a hermetic seal.

Dimensions:Available only in 40 millimeter length and fits into most standard splicetrays.
Installation Time: Snapson in less than 30 seconds.
Features:Accepts any combination of buffer sizes from 2 to 12 fiber ribbon cable.

  • Saves time and money by not requiring heating, curing or gluing
  • No expensive fixtures required to use the MASSsleeve
  • No battery life to consider
  • Long term chemical and environmental protection
  • Exceeds Bellcore requirement(s)
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