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Rainbow Bar
Firewire 400 (IEEE 1394) has more than 30 times the bandwidth of USB 1.1 with data transfer speed of 400Mbs. This speed capability is idealy suited for higher bandwidth devices such as Digital Video, Professional Audio, Hard Drives, high end Digital Still Cameras and home entertainment devices. Like USB, distance is very limited over copper cable. 4.5 meters is the maximum using copper cable but by employing M4-100 optical links by Opticis that distance can be extended to 100 meters. The M4-100 is a system with 2 six foot copper 6-Pin FireWire cables to connect the DS ports to each link, One MM Duplex LC fiber optic jumper, 2 Universal 120/240VAC 60/50Hz power supplies, and 2 optical converter links. The power supplies may not be required if the DS port is IEEE 1394 compatiable in which case the link will get power from the DS port. The connecting MM duplex fiber optic cable uses LC type connectors and is sold separtely according to specific length. Order one LC MM duplex jumper.

M4-100  Optical FireWire 
LC/LC-XXXM-1-Z2  LC Duplex Jumper1 
1Note: Substitute length in meters for XXX in part number 
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