Signal Converter
1 Analog 4 Digital over 1 fiber

  • Transmits Analog an Digital simutaneously
  • DC - 12.5MHz Analog Bandwith
  • Two Input Ranges +/-1V and +/-5V
  • Analog signal Digitized to 12 bit precision
  • 4 Independent Digital Channels
  • DC - 20MHz Digital Bandwith
Th LTX-5510 enables the precise transmission of 1 analog and 4 digital signals over 1 fiber up to 10km. Incoming analog data is digitized to 12-bit precision at 50 mega-samples per second and transmitted ove optical fiber at a 1 Gb/s data rate. The receiver acquires this digital data and accurately reconstructs the analog signal at the other end.
Analog System Bandwidth  DC to 12.5MHz (-3db) 
Input voltage range:   ± 1V or ± 5V (selectable) 
Resolution  12 Bits 
Transfer Accuracy  ± 0.1% Full Scale ± 20 mv offset 
System Latency (1 meter of fiber)  Approximately 300nS 
A/D Sampling Rate  50 Megasamples per second 
Input Impedance  50Ω or 1 Megaohm (20pf selectable)  
Output Drive Capability  ± 5 V open circuit ± 2 V with  50Ω load
Output Impedance  50Ω 
Digital Inputs  TTL, LVTTL, CMOS compatible  
Digital Outputs   LVTTL (0-3.3V) 
Digital Switching Rates  0-12 MHz 
Wavelength  LTX-5510-850: 850nm ±  20nm
LTX-5510-1310: 1310nm ± 20nm 
Optical Transmission Rate  1.0 Gb/s 
Loss Budget  15db max 
Optical Return Loss  > 15db 
Laser Safety Classification   Class I saftey per FDA/CDRH and IEC-825-1
Transmission Distance (850nm)  500m with 50/125 fiber, 300m with 62.5/125  
Transmission Distance (1310nm)  10KM with 9/125 Fiber 
Fiber Optic Connectors  ST standard, FC optional 
LED Annunciators Provided  Input overload (Transmitter)
Optical Signal - ON (Receiver)  
Power Supplies  Wall Mount (US, UK, Euro & Australian) 
Power Requirements  95-250VAC, 50-60Hz, 16VA Max 
Operating Temperature  0-40° C  
Transmitter Dimensions (mm)  175L x 105W x 40H 
Receiver Dimensions (mm)  175L x 105W x 40H 
Weight (ea.)  .46kg 
Warranty  Two years Components; 30 day satisfaction 
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687


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