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Kimwipes® Absorbent Wipers

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Kimwipes® Absorbent Wipers,

The most widely used general purpose lab wiper in the world!

Kimwipes® Delicate Task Wipers

These economical yet highly useful and delicate task wipers are soft, non- abrasive and are considered safe for use on most delicate surfaces. Of course, one would be wise to carefully analyze the impact of these wipers on any surface to which they might have special concern, and do the appropriate inspection to make sure that this choice of wiper is acceptable. The Kimwipes EX-L Wipers are made from 100% virgin wood fiber.

  • Highly absorbent and easily wipes up both liquid and dust.
  • Gentle, won't scratch (most) delicate surfaces.
  • Wipes clean and exhibits low linting characteristics.
  • Low extractable in the present of solvents.

Wiper properties:
Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer, reserves the right to alter these stated properties as might become necessary, without warning or notice.

Property                            Average Value           Test Method

MD Dry Tensile Strength (1 ply)    2,100  g/3" strip          STP-578

CD Dry Tensile Strength            1,550  g/3" strip          STP-578

CD Wet Tensile Strength             450   g/3" strip          STP-578

Water capacity (1 ply)              1.3   g/4"x4" square      RTM-6430

Oil capacity                        0.40  g/4"x4" square      RTM-6430

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