Measure The Speed of Light - Model IF-SL

Centuries of scientific learning culminate in this low-cost, yet ingenious system which teaches students how to measure the speed of light - and to understand the "why" of their learning.

In operation, the system utilizes an oscilloscope to monitor a light pulse in its passage between a transmitter and receiver, coupled with 20 meters of fiber optic cable. At the receiver, the oscilloscope displays the phase delay and basis for the calculations which will determine the speed of light through the fiber.

An integral companion to the electronic and physical components is an easily understood and often lighthearted manual which traces the steps of pioneers in optics research. Assembly instructions are included for those who purchase the apparatus in kit form.

The apparatus can be assembled in only a few minutes for students' use, but the curriculum first offers a fascinating academic journey through the years of discovery leading to modern-day breakthroughs in optics technology - and to today's frontiers.

(The apparatus consists of an electronics circuit board in protective plastic enclosure, two fiber optic cables, test connections for all outputs, and a 110 VAC-to-DC power adapter. The optical fibers terminate in simple cinch connectors for easy assembly and efficient coupling. A 20 MHz dual-trace oscilloscope is required.) 220 VAC adapters furnished upon request.

IF-SL Part Numbers

Part # Description
IF-SL-K Kit version
IF-SL-A Assembled version

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