Rotating Beam Scanner - P/N IF-BS

Lasers are widely used in industrial leveling and bar code scanning applications (in conjunction with rotating mirrors and motors). Now with the Rotating Beam Scanner and any HeNe laser, diode laser or even a pointer, you can replicate an equipment configuration which uses laser technology in these applications. Your expenditure will be a tiny fraction of the cost of "industrial strength" models.

The Rotating Beam Scanner projects a straight "light" line from the laser beam by reflecting it off a rapidly spinning metal polygon. The scan pattern is 90 degrees in extent and is created by the 8-sided polygon mounted on the shaft of a DC motor. This polygon is the latest in optical fabrication technology, consisting of eight diamond-turned surfaces coated with a layer of high-reflectivity gold, just like those in the high-price range. The internal motor is powered by any DC power source from 6 to 18 volts. Its dimensions are 11 x 9 x 9 cm.

(Scanner comes complete and ready to use, including polygon and motor in a clear acrylic case, 110 VAC-to-DC power adapter and set-up/operating instructions.)

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