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ULTRAsleeve is a mechanical Fusion Splice Protection Cover that has to be applied to the exposed section of fused fiber joints after the fusion process has been completed.

Steps of installing the sleeve is simple:

  1. Remove the ULTRAsleeve from the package.
  2. Remove the white protective strip from the entire length of the sleeve, and discard it. If you pull the white plastic protectant towards you (at an angle) it come up in one piece.
  3. Place the fused fiber(s) into the center of the sleeve (IN THE FOLD). If the fiber(s) are too high (near the window), the fiber will not be properly protected.
  4. Gently close the two halves the sleeve until you hear a "snap".This "snap" sound is the three locking tabs latching into the closedposition.
  5. Place the ULTRAsleeve in a spliceholder or an existing tray.
ULTRAsleeve specifications.

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