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In-Line Fiber Polarizer

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Chiral Photonics, Inc. (CPI), introduces a unique in-fiber polarizer based on its proprietary chiral technology. CPIs all-glass In-Fiber Polarizer provides a high extinction ratio over a broad spectral range at a price well below other in-line polarizers.

The polarizer can be manufactured to meet your spectral and performance specifications, including central wavelength, bandwidth and extinction ratio requirements. Specifications for a polarizer with central wavelength at 1550 nm are shown, as an example, below.

Harsh environment requirements can also be accommodated, including chemical, temperature and radiation resistance. Highly stable operating performance above 200 C has been demonstrated. A wide variety of input and output fibers as well as connectors are available to meet your needs. Please call Metrotek to discuss your specific requirements and receive a prompt quotation.


  • Polarization measurement and control
  • Coherent transmission
  • Optical sensors
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • Navigation instrumentation
  • R & D

Operating Temperature

-50 to 50 C

Storage Temperature

-70 to 85 C

Polarizer Length 42 2 mm
Flexibly Jacketed Polarizer  (DxL) 0.62 0.20 mm x 160 5 mm

Theory of operation:

The above schematic offers insight into the operation of the In-Fiber Linear Polarizer. Incoming vertically polarized light is converted into an elliptically polarized component of the same handedness as the chiral structure while being scattered out of the fiber. In contrast, horizontally polarized light is converted into elliptically polarized light of opposite handedness and back to horizontal polarization and is freely transmitted by the structure.

All information contained herein is believed to be accurate and is subject to change without notice. No responsibility is assumed for its use. Chiral Photonics, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, or manufacturer, reserve the right to make changes, without notice, to product design, product components, and product manufacturing methods. Some specific combinations of options may not be available. Please contact Metrotek for additional information.

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