Rainbow Bar


Rainbow Bar
ÅngströmBond® epoxy comes in pre-measured mixing dispensers assuring a proper mix ratio. Each dispenser contain 2.5 grams providing enough epoxy for approximately 50 - 65 connectors. Simply remove the clamp separating the two parts and knead together. ÅngströmBond® epoxy has superior pot life and is available in room or heat cure. Both are colored to help evaluate proper connector polish.

ÅngströmBond® AB9113SC-2.5G is a blue optical connector adhesive based on one of the most popular chemistries used for terminating connectors. This low viscosity system is designed to bond glass to metal, ceramic or plastic. It can be room temperature or heat cured to allow flexible processing times. It is a 100% solid epoxy that can be used for potting and scaling optical components where good impact, moisture and chemical resistance are desired.

ÅngströmBond® AB9123-2.5G is a low viscosity, rapid curing two-part epoxy adhesive. It is designed for bonding and potting optical connectors, fibers, lenses, prisms and other optical components. It is useful for bonding and sealing applications where long pot life, good wetting, wicking and impact resistance are necessary. ÅngströmBond® AB9123-2.5G requires a high temperature cure which develops strong bonds to many materials such as: metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics. It also offers good weather, water, impact and chemical resistance and non-pistoning properties.

MSDS - AngstromBond 9123 HardenerMSDS - AngstromBond 9123 Resin
MSDS - AngstromBond 9113SC Hardener
MSDS - AngstromBond 9113SC Resin

AB9113SC-2.5G 20 Min. 18 Hours 15 Min. 100°C
AB9123SC-2.5G 4 Hours N/A 5 Min. 100°C

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