Metrotek carries a complete line of Fiber Optic Educational items ( courses, books, training videos, experiments and classroom demos and science projects.) The listing that follows are the fiber optic education products we offer. If you would like a copy of our most recent Catalog please fill out our catalog FORM request. The catalog will have pricing and technical information on the Fiber Optic items we carry. As new products are added to our fiber optic education line they will appear on this page first. Check back often. If you do not find the fiber optic item you need on this page send us an e-mail and let us know your particular needs and our our application engineers will help you locate the right item for your job. If you do find what you need e-mail us and we will quote price, terms and delivery information immediatly.

  • Training Video Tapes

    • Training Videos
      • This series of training videotapes is designed for managers, engineers, technicians, and sales professionals who need a working knowledge of fiber optics.

  • Experiments and Classroom Demonstration Equipment

    • Measure the Speed of Light
      • A Low-cost, yet ingenious system which teaches students how to measure the speed of light - and to understand the "why".
      • Available as kit (A perfect science project) or fully assembled for class room demonstrations.

    • Optical Voice Link
      • This "favorite" may have earned more high grades and scholastic honors for student science projects than any other. For students and experimenters alike.

    • X-Y Pattern Generator
      • The X-Y Laser Pattern Generator is the ideal educational vehicle to captivate student interest in the dynamic world of laser technology.

    • Laser Video
      • A optical receiver for demodulating laser beams to a color video electrical signal.

    • Rotating Beam Scanner
      • Duplicate real world applications (such as industrial leveling and bar code scanning equipment) which uses laser technology.

    • Diode Laser
      • This laser is ideal for demonstration purposes.
      • It may be used by itself or in conjunction with the above X-Y Pattern Generator, Laser Video, or Rotating Beam Scanner.
  • Courses

    • Cable Installation
      • Training solutions for all levels of optical-fiber and structured cabling installation are available on CD-ROM or On line.

    • General Fiber Optic Demos
      • The state-of-the-art technology in an economical and versatile classroom trainer suitable for students from elementary through vocational levels.

    • Fiber Optic Mini Course
      • A short course covering the basics concepts of fiber optics. The course begins with a history of fiber optics before getting into the meat of this mini-course.

    • Intermediate Fiber Optic Course
      • A advanced fiber optics curriculum, for industrial arts, vocational school and university level.
  • Books

    • Introduction to Fiber Optics
      • By John Crisp. Suitable for engineers, technicians, students, hobbyists, and installers who are intending to use optical fibers or need to understand how they are used. Since no mathematical or technical background is assumed, calculations are always accompanied by a fully worked answer.

    • Understanding Fiber Optics
      • By Jeff Hecht. Answers many fiber optic questions! Those interested in fiber optic technology will find this tutorial easy to read and easy to reference whenever needed. "Includes material on new topics such as optical fiber amplifiers and fiber optic sensors . Explains components, concepts, systems, and more

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