Rainbow Bar

Fiber Amplifiers-Erbium Doped

Carbon-coated for high static fatigue and submarine applications

Rainbow Bar

Far beneath the sea, amplifiers are subjected to water and, with the passage of time, and the gradual corrosion of metallic components, hydrogen. Twenty-year lifetimes are in doubt when the integrity of a key component is threatened by microcracks and increased attenuation.

DF1500FS is hermetically sealed with a layer of amorphous carbon 20-40 nm thick. In tests, this carbon layer has demonstrated an ability to slow-down hydrogen ingression by almost three orders of magnitude, even when subjected to a pressure of 100 atmospheres. A typical Stress-Corrosion Factor 'N' of 100 can also be shown to increase dramatically the lifetime of even the most tightly packaged gain-sections.

Ordering Information: EDFA Products

To order any of the Metrotek Amplifier Fibers, simply specify the product code and length you need for your application.

Please Note that due to the highly specialised nature of DF1500FS, supply may be subject to availability or a minimum order quantity of 1000 metres.


DF1500FS-980 DF1500FS-1480
Cut-off Wavelength 850 nm to 950 nm 1300 nm to 1450 nm
Numerical Aperture 0.22 + 10% or 0.30 + 10%
Absorption at Pump Wavelength 5.0 + 0.5 dB/m (0.22 NA) 3.3 + 0.5 dB/m (0.22 NA)
Background Loss1 < 10 dB/km (Standard NA) < 20 dB/km (High NA)
Core-Cladding Concentricity < 0.75 µm
Outside Diameter2 125 µm + 1% (RMS)
Coating Diameter 245 µm + 5%
Proof-Test Level 0.5% (50 kpsi)

Typical Performance at 1550 nm

980 nm Pump 1480 nm Pump
Small Signal Gain3 >30 dB >25 dB
Saturated Output4 >13 dBm >14 dBm
Conversion Efficiency5 > 55% >70%

1. Background loss is measured at 1200 nm because of the influence of both the short wavelength edge of the 1531nm absorption peak and other structures encountered at 1300nm.
2. Localised, peak-to-peak variations of to 3% may be experienced.
3, 4, 5 Standard test conditions, 50 mW pump, counter-pump configuration, all measurements taken after the output isolator
3. -45 dBm input
4. -6 dBm input
5. Efficiency at maximum output power, achieved by an EDFA operated in the saturated regime and at high levels of pump power. Figure adjusted to account for system losses

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