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Fiber Amplifiers-Erbium Doped

Gain-Flattened Performance and High Efficiency
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Erbium doped fiber amplifier technology continues to progress at an astonishing rate with commercial systems now in routine service around the globe.

DF1500F has a new core composition which generates a substantially flattened wavelength response - providing EDFA designers with a simple, intrinsic solution for WDM transmission. In user applications, gain flatness figures of better than + 0.5 dB between 1540 nm and 1565 nm have been reported. The 'H' high NA option enhances efficiency and is ideal for deployment in the front-end of two-stage, ultra low-noise devices. The fiber is available in two versions, optimised for 980 nm or 1480 nm pumping, and batch-tested for EDFA performance prior to shipment.


DF1500F-980 DF1500F-1480
Cut-off Wavelength 850 nm to 950 nm 1300 nm to 1450 nm
Numerical Aperture 0.22 + 10% or 0.30 + 10%
Absorption at Pump Wavelength 5.0 + 0.5 dB/m (0.22 NA) 3.3 + 0.5 dB/m (0.22 NA)
Background Loss1 < 10 dB/km (Standard NA) < 20 dB/km (High NA)
Core-Cladding Concentricity < 0.75 µm
Outside Diameter2 125 µm + 1% (RMS)
Coating Diameter 245 µm + 5%
Proof-Test Level 0.5% (50 kpsi)

Typical Performance at 1550 nm

980 nm Pump 1480 nm Pump
Small Signal Gain3 >30 dB >25 dB
Saturated Output4 >13 dBm >14 dBm
Conversion Efficiency5 > 55% >70%

1. Background loss is measured at 1200 nm because of the influence of both the short wavelength edge of the 1531nm absorption peak and other structures encountered at 1300nm.
2. Localised, peak-to-peak variations of to 3% may be experienced.
3, 4, 5 Standard test conditions, 50 mW pump, counter-pump configuration, all measurements taken after the output isolator
3. -45 dBm input
4. -6 dBm input
5. Efficiency at maximum output power, achieved by an EDFA operated in the saturated regime and at high levels of pump power. Figure adjusted to account for system losses

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