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Polarisation Maintaining Erbium Doped Fiber

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Polarisation Maintaining
Erbium Doped Fiber

Tried and tested design
Fully qualified (including modelling parameters)
High conversion efficiency
High polarisation extinction ratio

DHB1500 combines the core composition of MetroGain™ with the bow-tie geometry of the HB range of fibers. It is invaluable in mode-locked fiber lasers or in any specialised EDFAs that demand polarisation maintenance. The standard specification enables polarisation extinction ratios of up to -30 dB to be achieved over typical gain lengths of 8 - 14 metres under normal packaging conditions with amplifier performance closely matching that of MetroGain™ 5. DHB1500 is designed for 980 nm pumping.

Specifications  DHB1500 - 980
Cut-off Wavelength 860 - 960 nm
Numerical Aperture 0.22 - 0.24
Mode-Field Diameter2 3.5 µm (980 nm), 6.0 µm (1550 nm)
Absorption at Pump Wavelength 4.5 - 5.5 dB/m
Beat-Length4 < 4 mm
Proof Test 1% (100 kpsi)
Background Loss5 < 15 dB/km
Fiber Diameter 125 ± 1 µm
Core Cladding Concentricity < 0.75 µm
Coating Diameter 245 µm (nominal)
Coating Type Dual Acrylate

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