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10Base-T Ethernet Fiber Optic Converter

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(Model TC3105)
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  • 10Base-T Half/Full Duplex Operation
  • Link Distances Up to 80km*
  • Multimode & Single Mode (850/1300nm)
  • 6 Power/Network LED Status Indicators
  • Automatic UTP Polarity Correction
  • Slide Switch for UTP Uplink or Downlink
  • 15 dB Standard Loss Budget; Optional 20dB
  • Standalone or Wallmount


Data Sheets: 2 pages (233 Kb)

TC3105 Regular Base

TC3105 Wallmount Base

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The TC3105 UTP-to-Fiber Optic Converter is frequently used to link Ethernet switches or workstations. Typical applications include extending Full Duplex LAN segments up to 80km or connecting two Ethernet segments via fiber optic cable.



The TC3105 UTP-to-Fiber Optic Converter replaces or extends 10Base-T segments with multimode (850/1300nm) or single mode (1300/1550nm) fiber optic cable. It is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T and 10Base-FL standards. Specifically designed for long distances, the TC3105 can extend LAN segments up to 80km, depending on fiber size, quality, wavelength and connectors. The standard optical loss budget is 15dB*. Features include automatic UTP Polarity Correction, a slide switch for UTP uplinks or downlinks and six LED indicators to aid installation and troubleshooting procedures:

"PWR" - DC Power Supply Indicator
"PODIS" - Polarity Status
"LTF"  - Link Test Fine
"OP" - Optic Reception Indicator
"TP"  - UTP Reception Indicator
"LMON" - Optic Link Monitor

The TC3105 works with all popular sizes of single mode and multimode fiber optic cable. Fiber optic connectors are ST or FC. Power is 12VDC or 115/230VAC with an external power cube. It is available in wallmount or standalone versions and is packaged in a compact (3 /4" x 41 /8" x 21 /2") sheet metal case. The rackmount version is Model TC3105R. An extreme temperature version (-20 to 70C), Model TC3105T, is also available.

*Contact factory for higher requirements.


Technical Specifications    

Data Rate
up to 10 Mbps
Transmitter ELED, ELED
Receiver PIN Diode
Wavelength 850nm, 1300nm Multimode
1300nm, 1550nm Single Mode
Fiber Optic Connectors ST or FC
Loss Budget*
(850nm, 1300nm)
Multimode (62.5/125m): 15dB
Single Mode (9/125m): 15dB
Connector (UTP) RJ45 Female
Bit Error Rate 1 in 109 or better

* Contact factory for higher requirements
Visual Indicators
Power Status PWR
UTP Signal Status PODIS, TP, LTF
Optic Signal Status OP, LMON
Standard 12VDC @ 300mA (max)
Optional 115/230VAC (with external power cube)
Operating -10 to 50C
Hi-Temp (optional) -20 to 70C
Storage -40 to 90C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Physical (Wallmount Base Unit)
Height (2.24 cm) 0.9"
Width (10.16 cm) 4.0"
Depth (7.87 cm) 3.1"
Weight (93.6 gm) 3.3 oz.
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687

E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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