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Rainbow Bar
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Ultra-High-Resolution (1840 x 1634)
Multimode (865 or 1310nm) Operation Over 3-6 Fibers
200 MHz Video Bandwidth @ -3dB
True DC Restoration with AGC
Flat Frequency Response
Complies with RS-170, RS-170A, & RS- 343EIA Video Standards
VGA/SVGA Keyboard/Mouse & Audio
No EMI or RFI & No Ground Loops
Stand Alone or Mounting Brackets
Ideal for CAD/CAM Workstation Extensions


The Opticomm Model RGB-3000 is an AM modulated VGA/RGB 3 Fiber System with 200 MHz bandwidth for ultra high (1840x1634) resolution available in MM or SM. It is ideal for the extension of any high resolution Video signal such as a CAD/CAM graphics workstation. Choice of H/V Sync, Composite External Sync, Sync on Green, or all three channels along with AGC provides consistent performance. Status indicators are provided for power and VGA H/V Sync present. All units are stand alone and will work on either 110 or 230VAC, switch selectable. They come with standard VGA 15 Pin HD female video inputs and ST for MM and FC for SM optical outputs. Multimedia Option provides Keyboard, Mouse, RS-232, and 2 Audio ports for remote multimedia presentations. This option requires three (3) additional fibers. Call for SGI, SUN, and IBM/PS2 160Mhz or 350Mhz applications:


Status indicators for: Power On, VGA H/V Synch present. Units transmit over 3-6 multimode fibers @ 865nm or 1310nm; or singlemode fibers @ 1310nm or 1550nm. All units come as a Stand Alone version. Units can be Rack-Mountable with optionally provided brackets for a flat surface such as a desktop in a cabinet, or mounted in a 19" Rack. RGB-3000 unit comes with internal 87-264VAC power supply that operates with a selectable power supply. The regulated switching power supply has short circuit protection, and an input operating voltage of 87-264VAC.

RGB-3003-XMT-LO-ST-SA 865nm MM 200Mhz Transmitter
RGB-3003-XCV-LO-ST-SA 865nm MM 200Mhz Receiver
RGB-3003-XMT-L2-FC-SA 1310nm SM 200Mhz Transmitter
RGB-3003-XCV-L2-FC-SA 1310nm SM 200Mhz Receiver
RGB-3006-XMT-L0-ST-SA 865nm MM 200Mhz Transmitter with Multimedia Option
RGB-3006-XCV-L0-ST-SA 865nm MM 200Mhz Receiver with Multimedia Option
RGB-3006-XMT-L2-FC-SA 1310nm SM 200Mhz Transmitter with Multimedia Option
RGB-3006-XCV-L2-FC-SA 1310nm SM 200Mhz Receiver with Multimedia Option


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