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Product Data 905

bulletPrecise Ratio Adjustment
bulletLow loss
bulletLow back reflection
bulletLow polarization cross talk
bulletLarge operating bandwidth
bulletPolarization Maintaining (PM) or non-PM types

Variable ratio couplers are made with optically contacted polished fibers mounted in substrate blocks that have transverse motion in the contact plane to adjust core-to-core separation distance. In the case of PM fiber, the orientation of the fast and slow axes is preserved during the motion. A negligibly thick oil layer is used to lubricate the substrate blocks and ensure smooth motion. Long term ratio stability is better than 1% under laboratory conditions.

Fine transverse motion is accomplished by means of a micrometer and lever system. The 25:1 lever ratio gives approximately one micron of motion at the coupler center per 0.001 inch division on the micrometer. 

Available fibers have cutoff wavelengths ranging from 450 nm to 1550 nm. For a particular fiber used in a variable coupler the useful bandwidth extends from the single mode cutoff wavelength to approximately 1.3 times the cutoff wavelength, where losses begin to occur.

Note: Photo shows connection (top right) for prototype of a remote control, pizeo motor control unit (Call for details).

905 Specifications

Polarization Isolation -24 dB typical, -22 dB guaranteed 
Coupling Ratio   0-99% or 0-80% (at room temperature) 
Excess Loss  0.1dB typical ; 0.2dB maximum
Coupler Bandwidth  Specs 
Package    25 mm x 38 mm x 63 mm aluminum case, with micrometer projecting 28 mm (details)
Terminations  FCPC, FCAPC, SCPC, SCAPC 
Pigtails  1 meter (other lengths available) 250u bare fiber without connectors (Standard) or
1 meter (other lengths available) 900u HYTREL jacket (No Charge) or
1 meter (other lengths available) 3mm jacket (Special Order)

 How to order guide
 905  X1  -  X2  -  X3  -  X4  X5  X6  X7
X1 is Fiber Type  Space = Single Mode
P = Polarization Maintaing
X2 is Split Ratio  80 = 0-80%
99 = 0-99%
X3 is Wavelength  Desired Wavelegth
X4 is Connector  FC = FCPC
00 = None
X6 is Pigtail Diameter  0 = 250u no connectors
9 = 900u
3 = 3mm
X7 is Pigtail Length  Specify Desired Length
X5 is Unit of Length  M = Meters
m = mm
c = cm
F = Feet
I = Inch
Example: To order a 0 to 99 PM 1550nm with 900u FCAPC 1 meter pigtails the part number is 905P-99-1550-AF91M 

For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687

E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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