Model 8370 - AUI to Fiber Optic Transceiver - DIN Rail Mounted



  • Fully Ethernet Compatible
  • Distance to 2km
  • Total Security and Isolation
  • Low Power
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Low Cost Multi-Mode Fiber

Product Description

Factory automation moves forward with Ethernet fiber optic data communications via the Model 8370, AUI to fiber optic transceiver packaged in a small DIN Rail housing. Not only does the factory environment benefit from this packaging approach but conventional computer rooms, often a mess and strewn with cables and adapters of various kinds, can now be organized using the Model 8370 and the DIN Rail concept with DIN Rails mounted on the walls of the computer room thereby utilizing this previously unused space.

The Model 8370 performs a conversion from Ethernet, as it appears on an AUI port to multi mode fiber optic cables. The fibers allow transmission of these Ethernet signals over distances of 2 Km, over one mile. The transmission is accomplished at 850nm on duplex multimode fiber cable. In addition, the fiber cables provide electrical isolation, security and protection from external disturbance such as electrical interference and surges and lightning.

The Model 8370 provides interface conversion from full duplex AUI signals to a full duplex fiber optic cable and handles all Ethernet data traffic up to 10 MBPS.

Model Description Product Info
8370 AUI to Fiber Optic Transceiver - DIN Rail Mounted
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