Rainbow Bar

4 Channel Audio Multiplexer

4040 Series

Rainbow Bar
    Description and Features  

  • Transmits over one MM or SM fiber at 850, 1310, or 1550nm

  • System consist a transmitter and receiver unit; card or box version. Each end, plus power supply must be ordered separately

  • No adjustments: Pure digital processing and transmission

  • 24 bit/96kHZ sampling: maximum audio level +24dBu

  • 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency response

  • Line level, balanced or unbalanced audio operation

  • Indicator LEDs monitor audio signal

  • Wide range power supply allows operation from Low voltage AC and DC sources
Audio Specifications (for each channel)
Number of Audio Channels  4 balanced or unbalanced  
Frequency Response  +0/-0.5dB, 20 Hz - 20kHz 
Bits-per-sample/Sampling Rates  24 bits; 96kHz 
Maximum Audio Level  +24dBu 
SNR (A-Weighted)  95dB 
THD + N  0.002%, 20Hz - 20kHz 
Channel Phase Differential  +0.1°  
System Latency  200uS + Fiber Propagation Delay
(Typically 5uS per km of fiber 
Crosstalk  Min. 95dB (1kHz 
Input Impedance  600 Ohms terminated
>24 kOhms unterminated 
Output Impedance  50 Ohms 
Switches  Dip switches to select input termination, balanced or unbalanced input/output selectable on a per channel basis 
Loss Budget/Distance
Wavelength(nm)  Loss(dB)  Distance(km) 
850 MM  0-20  0-2 
1310 MM  0-25  0-10 
1310 SM  0-25  0-60 
1550 SM  0-25  0-80 
*Distance specifications are only approximate and are not guaranteed. Operating loss budgets must not be exceeded 
Ordering Information
4 0 4 x1 - x2 x3 x4
Part No. - 4 Channel Audio Multiplexer

x1 positionEnd0 = Transmit
1 = Receive
x2 positionVersionB = Box
C = Card
x3 positionWavelength 1 = 850nm MM
3 = 1310nm MM
7 = 1310nm SM
9 = 1550nm SM
x4 positionConnector S = ST
General Specifications
LED Indicators  Power, Audio, Alarm (card) 
Audio Connection  Removable Screw Terminal 
Power*  9-24 volts AC or DC, 5 watts 
Operating Temp.  -35° to +60° C 
Humidity Range  10% to 90% non-condensing 
Optical Connectors  ST or FC 
Wavelength  850, 1310 or 1550nm 
Size  6.5Wx1.15Hx8L (inches)
165Wx29Hx203L (mm) 
Weight  1lb; 0.45kg 
Slots used (6000A Cage) 
*For operation from 95-250VAC, 50/60Hz a PDSP-1 power supply is needed    
P D P S - 1 - x1
Part No. - Power Supply

x1 positionCountryNA = N. America
AU = Austrailia
EU = Europe
JP = Japan
UK = United Kingdom

Pure Digital Fiberlink transmission systems are backed by a three year limited warranty on parts and labor plus a thirty day satisfaction guarantee  
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Fax: (727) 547-0687

E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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