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100Base-T Fiber Optic Transceiver

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Model 375 - 100Base-T to Multimode Fiber Optic Transceiver
  • 100Base-F Compatible
  • Fast Ethernet Over Fiber
  • No Interference/Cabling Problems
  • Error Free Performance
  • Full Duplex/Half Duplex
  • 100Base-FX Compliant
  • Supports Far End Fault Detect

Product Description

The implementation of 100 BASE-T allows dramatic improvement of network performance and its based upon proven 10 BASE-T technology that is in worldwide use today. Moving to 100 BASE-T does require higher quality cabling and more care in installation and the environment. As always, a fiber option eliminates all potential copper cabling problems and allows maximum utilization of the 100 MHZ bandwidth with virtually no retransmissions for lost or errored packets.

The Model 375
100Base-T to Multimode Fiber Optic Transceiver allows any two 100Base-TX compliant ports to be connected by multimode, 62.5/125 micron fiber optic cable, while assuring that collision information is preserved and translated from one segment to the other. The operation of the device is transparent to the network and is offered in two versions. The Model 375 is equipped with SC fiber connectors while the 375ST is equipped with ST fiber connectors and offers 2 Km performance.

The new 100 BASE-T adapters allow full duplex, simultaneous transfer of data with a minimum of collisions. The Model 375, 100 BASE-T to fiber converter extends this full duplex capability using dual fibers, while offering flawless data transmission at 100 MBPS. The Model 375 incorporates three LED's that report if the 100 Base-T and fiber are active and powered.

The fiber optic connector is a duplex as ordered, designed for operation at 100 MBPS for FDDI, ATM or Fast Ethernet. Power for the Model 375 is via a supplied power pack.

Model Description Product Info
375ST 100Base-T to Fiber Transceiver for Fast Ethernet - ST Connector Specifications Manuals Application Note
375ST-220 100Base-T to Fiber Transceiver for Fast Ethernet, ST Connector - 220 Volts Specifications Manuals Application Note
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