The Communications Specialties Serial Digital Video Link utilizes high-speed pulse modulation techniques to transmit wide band, digitally encoded video signals in accordance with SMPTE digital video standards at 143, 177, 270 and 360 Mbps. The Serial Digital Video Link does no interpretation decoding of the digital pulse stream. It simply transmts and receives it "as is." Imbedded audio, control signals or other unusual formats are easily accommodated. LEDs are provided on both the transmitter and receiver to continuously monitor the presence of the digital pulse stream and to indicate proper operation of the system. In addition, built-in rectifiers and regulators allow both untis to operate from low voltage, unregulated DC power sources, thereby providing unparalleled versatility in a fiber optic transmission system.


Broadcast-quality digital video from 10 to 300 Mb/sec bandwidth
Multimode or single mode versions
Transmission up to 60 km (single mode)
Adjustment free


Broadcast environments
Videoconferencing: two systems for bi-directional use
Corporate communication systems


  • Transmitter, receiver are sold separately (power supplies are included with each). 
  • System data rate: 143, 170, 270 and 360 Mbps 
  • Support levels: SMPTE 259M and 293M, Levels A, B, C, D 
  • Input/output signal level: 800 millivolts pp +/-10% 
  • DC offset: 0 volts +/- 0.5 volts 
  • Input/output impedance: 75 ohms 
  • Transmitter input: 1 input with active equalized loop-through 
  • Receiver outputs: 2, reclocked 

  • Return loss:  15 dB maximum 
  • Rise/fall times: less than 1.0 nanosecond 
  • Jitter (per SMPTE RP 184): .2 UI (300 psec typical) 
  • Signal connector: BNC 
  • Operating wavelength: 1300 nanometers, multimode 
  • Optical fiber compatibility: 62.5 micron, multimode 
  • Transmission Distance: 0 to 2 KM 
  • Operating Power: 9 to 14 volts, DC; 50/60 Hz @ 250 ma per module 
  • Physical size: 4"L x 3.5W x 1.3"H

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