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.The high-performance, low-cost, complete fiber optic video link

Beamer-VTM is a high-quality, low-cost fiber optic video transmission system designed to transmit color or black and white video signals at distances that can vary from a few feet to more than a mile. The system transmits over standard multimode fiber and is ideal for both indoor and protected outdoor applications, including security, videoconferencing, CCTV and medical monitoring.

Beamer-VTM is compatible with all analog video standards, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM, and will operate with all 62.5 micron multimode fiber optic cable and industry standard ST type optical connectors.

The flexible system is available as dual channel transmitter and receiver card versions, or in a single channel box version that can be purchased as a complete system. The units are easily and quickly installed with just a simple screwdriver and are designed for long, trouble-free operation.
Immunity to the effects of electrical interference, ground loops, explosive and hazardous environments, water and high voltages make Beamer-VTM a superior low-cost alternative to coax cable.

Metrotek also offers multimode fiber optic cable for use with the Beamer-VTM system. Cable must be purchased separately.

  • Complete system includes transmitter, receiver and two power supplies
  • Simple to install • Easy to use
  • High performance • Low price
  • Security systems; indoor and outdoor • CCTV
  • Military surveillance • Videoconferencing
  • Scientific observation • Medical monitoring
Equipment Included
  Transmitter, Receiver, Two power supplies, User’s manual
Input/Output Voltage
  1 volt pp (user adjustable at receiver)
Input/Output Impedance
  75 Ohms
Signal/Noise Ratio (per RS-250)
  52 dB minimum
Differential Gain (per RS-250)
  2% typical
Differential Phase (per RS-250)
  1° typical
Optical Wavelength
  850 nanometers
Optical Cable and Connectors
  62.5 micron multimode fiber with industry standard ST
Optical Loss Budget
  12 dB minimum
Transmission Distance
  0 to 1.5 mile typical
Operating Power (per unit)
  12 V ± 10% DC @ 100 ma maximum
Operating Temperature
  35 to +75 degrees C
Physical size (per unit)
  3 1/4” L x 2 3/8” W x 1” H
  Beamer-V comes with two 115 VAC to 12 VDC plug-in wall adapters which may be used to supply all operating power.
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
3100 Transmitter Box*
  3101 Receiver Box*
3105 Beamer-VTM System, includes Transmitter box, Receiver box & two Power supplies
3108A Two Channel Transmitter Card for 6000A cage**
3109A Two Channel Receiver Card for 6000A cage**
119757 Power Supply 115 VAC to 12 VDC @100 ma, with connector
102202 Power Supply 230 VAC to 12 VDC @100 ma, with connector

* Power supply must be purchased separately.
** Operating power is provided by the model 6000A card cage.

  Beamer-V is backed by a three-year warranty on parts and labor, plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
Made in America
  Beamer-V is designed, manufactured & supported in the United States by Communications Specialties, Inc.
*Product specifications subject to change without notice
Installation of Beamer-V Fiber Optic Transmission System

Click here to view an installation diagram of Beamer-V
View a .pdf version of this spec sheet

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