Discontinued, Replaced by TC1880

Model 273 - RS-232 Four Channel Fiber Optic Multiplexer



  • 0-64 KBPS On Each Channel
  • Four Handshake Signals
  • Full Duplex Data & Control
  • Complete Diagnostics
  • Immune To Lightning and Surges

Product Description

The Model 273 is a high performance four channel, time division multiplexer whose composite link is implemented in fiber optics. The Model 273 will transport four full duplex channels of asynchronous RS-232 data over two fiber optic cables. In addition, a bi-directional control signal is also transmitted for each of the four primary channels.The maximum rate for all four channels is 256 KBPS, 64 KBPS each. A jumper option allows upgrading channel 1 to 128 KBPS while reducing the total channel capacity from four to three. As an aid to installation and verification of system performance the Model 273 is equipped with a front panel TEST switch. The function of this switch is to send a test pattern to the remote Model 273, which causes it to go into loopback. A SYNC LED indicates status of the fiber optic link. Signals on the RS-232 data lines are monitored via the four Transmit Data LED's and the four Receive Data LED's. Power for the Model 273 is supplied by a small power adapter. Each Model 273 is supplied with four 25 foot data cables and 8 RS-232 adapters. These adapters, 4 male and 4 female, offer users the ability to provide any connection required by their RS-232 interfaces.

Model Description Product Info
273 RS-232 Four Channel Fiber Optic Multiplexer - includes 4 pcs male and 4 pcs female adapter connectors and 4 pcs of 25 ft modular cable
Specifications Manual Application Note
273-220 RS-232 Four Channel Fiber Optic Multiplexer - 220 Volts
Specifications Manual Application Note

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