Fiber Optic 1x2 Switch

Metrotek's optical switches feature a compact package with low insertion loss, fast switching speeds and high isolation. These units are ideal for lab as well as optical networking systems. They meet Bellcore 1073 and GR-121-CORE standards with high repeatability. They are available in MM or SM. A non-constant voltage (Latching) is needed to activate switching. The units come standard with 1 meter 900um pigtails. Connectors are optional

Specification   Spec   Unit  
Insertion Loss  0.5 Typical - 0.8 Max  dB  
Repeatability   <.02   dB  
Switching Time  10 Typical - 15 Max   ms  
Operating Temperature   0 to 65  degree C 
Back Reflection   <-55   dB  
Isolation   >70   dB  
Maximum Operating Current   54   mA  
Nominal Operating Voltage   5   VDC  
PDL   <0.1   dB 
Durability   10 million min   cycle 
Housing Dimensions   (HxWxL) 11x20x52   mm  

Fiber Size   Part Number  
SM  OSW1000SBT-S-L-xx  
MM 50/125   OSW1000SBT-M-L-xx  
MM 62.5/125   OSW1000SBT-1-L-xx  
Where xx represents connector style  
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